Upopn awarding the NTNU art prize 2019 for "Spatial Ops III-VI" , the jury wrote:

Jens Stegger Ledaal’s work “Spatial Ops III-VI” is distinguishable in its formal complexity, experimentation and conceptual rigour.

A troupe of mysterious performers is seen on film carrying what the artist calls “field sculptures” – a set of mobile, modular, geometric objects – in various formations through diverse landscapes and built environment such as the central mountains of Norway or a concrete-capped Los Angeles River.

The work is part of a series of performative expeditions carried out by an ensemble cast which borrow operational terms often deployed by the military in specific ways, conveyed playfully in the title of the project, “spatial ops”.

Given form in meticulously choreographed scenes, the jury found the work at once haunting, cinematic, rigorous and topical that explores new interdisciplinary ground in land art, performance and video.

Ledaal’s work invites viewers to draw connections between contemporary phenomenon such as the rising environmental consciousness in a warming world and the mediatization of conflict.